WordPress 3.0.1 Ouch!

WordPress 3.0.1 Ouch!

July 30, 2010 Neil

Blind excite turned into hell when I press that “Upgrade Automatically” button that the WordPress Dashboard offers. Experiences with previous upgrades sealed my trust to this wonderful blogging system. A few minutes later, errors came flooding the page. From 403 errors to several PHP script errors.

“Probably issues with the automatic upgrade” was the first thought that came. After all, why would these error appears. Blame the web hosting provider, wrongfully accuse my slow internet connection. Fired up FileZilla,  accessed the FTP Server and followed the fool-proof step-by-step guide on upgrading WordPress manually.

While waiting for the uploads to complete, search on several message boards pointed to CHMOD issues, plugins messing with the theme and theme messing with plugins. From PHPMyAdmin tweaks to renaming the themes folder and plugins folder, there were tons of suggestions. All of which seem to work to some while break on the other.

Upload completed. Ouch! I can access the Dashboard. Good. The front-end is blank. Bad.

Further reading only leads to one common resolution – a complete reinstallation. WP-Content folder compressed, backups filed and all post/comments/drafts/pages downloaded into a simple XML file. Deletion of all the WordPress files (except the wp-config.php) didn’t take 2 minutes. Upload seemed fast lasting only about 5 minutes. Uncompressed. Moved to the correct directory. www.kartonista.com. Boom! It’s back online.

Uploaded and uncompressed the plugins and themes zip files. Activated clean-home theme and the plugins. Done.

The site is now back on. The worst WordPress experience so far.

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