How to flash Huawei E1550 3G Modem

September 15, 2010 Neil

A step-by-step guide on how to update the firmware (flash) of a Huawei E1550 3G Modem.

After I posted the How to unlock Huawei E1550 3G Modem, I received a lot of inquiries through comments and emails asking for a detailed procedure on how to flash the modem.

I tried to flash my modem’s firmware but it almost fried the unit. After an hour or so of Googling, I finally was able to completely flash the modem’s firmware.


Flashing/Updating the firmware of your 3G modem is risky and may cause the modem to stop working. The procedure below has been tested on only ONE Huawei E1550 3G modem. No further trial was performed using another unit or other models of Huawei 3G modems.

Update/Flash at Your Own Risk


Flashing is a procedure wherein the firmware is re-programmed or updated. Flashing could also mean loading the same firmware to the device.

I loaded firmware version 11.608.12.04.21 to my Huawei E1550 3G Modem. After the procedure, the modem failed to detect network signals. It took hours of scouring the net to find the solution; I used Hyper Terminal and reactivated the connection.

I used dc-unlocker to check for information needed later on the steps.

dc unlocker

The Tools:

  • Firmware for Huawei E1550.

You can download the firmware from several sources.  I use Firmware Version 11.608.12.04.21 because I read from the Huawei forums that the later updates have problems with 2G network.

E1550 Firmware

The firmware is essential. If your provider have a downloadable firmware, try that first before using firmware you find on the net.

The link provided is for Singapore StarHub’s website where you can download the firmware for E1550.

The dashboard is the program that you use to connect to the network. This is the same dashboard that your provider tweaked to add subscriber-only restrictions and functions. This will replace the files in your data card.

The dashboard is said to work with any provider AS LONG AS you have the correct information like APN, Number, etc of your network provider.

As mentioned above, after the firmware update, the modem stopped detecting 2G networks. With the use of Hyper Terminal, we’re going to remove that restriction


Update Dashboard

This is a fairly straightforward procedure.

  1. Plug the data card (Huawei E1550 3G Modem) to your computer.
  2. Run the downloaded dashboard software.
  3. Select “I Agree”.
  4. Start the update.
  5. Once finished, unplug the modem from the computer.
  6. Restart computer.
  7. When the computer has completely loaded, plug the modem. (This will trigger the installation of new drivers.)
  8. Once the installation is complete, restart the computer.

Flash the Firmware

Another straightforward procedure.

  1. Connect the data card (Huawei E1550 3G Modem) to your computer.
  2. Run the downloaded firmware.
  3. Accept.
  4. Wait for it to finish.
  5. Complete.

Reactivate Network

  1. Start HyperTerminal (Hypertrm.exe). (If it asks you for the location, hit Cancel > Yes.)
  2. Enter a name for the connection. (Any name will do.)
  3. Select the correct COM port where the data card is plugged into.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. Type:    AT^SYSCFG=2,2,3fffffff,0,2
  6. Hit Enter. If it’s successful, you will not receive any confirmation. Otherwise, you will see an error message.
  7. Close the connection.

That’s all. You may now try to unlock your Huawei E1550 3G modem.



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