Half-baked Tron Legacy

Half-baked Tron Legacy

The lack of engaging characters and a compelling storyline almost killed the visually-stunning “neony” Tron Legacy.


Tron Legacy ReviewSam (Garrett Hedlund) is head shareholder, and prankster, of ENCOM, a game company his dad Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) founded. Kevin has been missing for 20 years until, one day, he pages his partner Alan (Bruce Boxleitner) from his arcade office.

Sam visits the arcade and finds a door that leads to an office. When he activates the system, he finds himself transported to The Grid. There he meets Kevin’s old program named Clu, the mysterious Quorra (Olivia Wilde) and his dad.


Visually, it’s stunning. The neon-themed light effects on top of a dark atmosphered-world worked well to create an amazing interpretation of The Grid. I would even dare say that what movies like Aeonflux and Ultraviolet hoped to achieve was nearly-perfected by Legacy.

If there’s one let-down in the imagery, it’s the younger computer-generated version of Kevin which has an awkward mouth movement when talking. Reminds me of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Starship Troopers.

But the beauty of the digital effects crumbles under boring characters and shallow storytelling.

Tron Legacy has a straightforward storyline. The Grid Dictator Clu wants to conquer our world. Stop him, save the world. Its lack of plot twists severely handicapped the movie. Near the end of the movie, I was expecting something weird to happen not another Armageddon-type turn.

On the character level, the “black” and “white” characters seem like a ripped from some mecha animes. While Sam and Kevin have well-developed back stories, Quorra’s ISO history is half-baked, almost a footnote. Clu, the antagonist, might as well be listed under glossary.


If you’re up for looks, watch this movie! And if you watch it in IMAXX 3D, you might even end up loving this movie. Despite the lack of details on the story and the characters, the effects can make up for it.

All in all, I’ll give it 7 out of 10. After all, I did see some pretty amazing trailers. (Sucker Punch, 127 Hours and Tangled)

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      I'm thankful that I have a full life, my kids are grown and happy, I'm taking Zumba class and enjoying it (still able to dance and keep up with the other, younger students) and my blog. I love to write and my blog has given me the perfect venue to write and write volumes. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your friends. Your plans sound terrific!

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      There was a show on that on tv over here.. some guy made a book on collecting such short life stories. I think mine would be “Missonary plus soldier equals sadistic Domme”

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      We make vanilla pudding all the time. And I always add in a few egg yolks at the end (temper them first!), and often stir in flaked coconut. Yum.

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      Thanks for the update…I will let people that I informed about the event that it will be on the 17th…Where is the SEIU rally going to meet up, I am off on the 16th and was thinking of maybe showing up for the march. BTW, thanks for the add and support.

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      I’ll take it as written. You’re looking and I assume P was auditioning. Although he did okay for awhile, his biggest failing is that he jumped subjects rather than address issues and tried to look good by harping on an opponent’s mistakes.Guys like P figure such tactics work for Rush but they don’t realize Limbaugh’s opponents are prescreened and cut short when he’s in a hole. And it’s schtich Limbaugh has honed over decades

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      anyone been here lately? Does the all you can eat still include wagyu and has the price changed?would love to bring the uni chums to celebrate the "No fails yay".

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      whatever are you doing in texas? come to dallas! great antiquing here. i do love gruene though. hopefully you're doing some wine tasting and some tubing in the hill country too :)

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      Le plaisir de cuisiner pour soi, sans aucune contrainte, et d'y aller selon ses goûts et ses penchants, c'est un vrai bonheur qu'on aime s'offrir à l'occasion. Salade César et spaghettis à la vongole, c'est génial en solo, avec quelques verres de rouge bien corsés!Lou

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      Hehehe. Only the three most popular couples have it! They won’t release some of the other couples videos despite them being wildly popular (khuntoria, dimple) cuz they are mostly popular because their respective idol groups have large fan bases. But the fact that WGM chose to release Woojung goes to show how our couple produce quality videos and are popular because of their chemistry and friendship and that makes them so distinct and different from other couples. D

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      Although I only have one child…this conversation often occurs between Miss Sam and Daddy…so, in re-thinking this…I guess I do have two children some days .Anyway, I truly enjoyed this post, as I do every time I come to visit. Forgiveness has been quite a struggle for me these recent years and my responsibility in it is hard to digest at times. i am thankful for the reminders however that I am a work in progress…and so are my “two” children

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      Esta señora es empleada pública, se le paga para que cuide los bienes culturales de todos los chilenos, no para andar decidiendo que debemos tener como reflejo de nuestra memoria, ni menos dejarse influenciar por su historia familiar, por más doloros que a ella le resulte….al menos esta mujer puede ir a visitar el Museo, no van a verla a ella en una foto del Museo……………

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      Ist doch klar und wusste ich auch. Deswegen habe ich ja auch gemacht, das ich weg komme. Ich war als Sniper eingeteilt. Als es dann auf Close Range kam, konnte ich nichts mehr ausrichten.

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      Think back when your favorite emcees used to rock Polo, Carhartt, Woolrich and Dickies and there you go.still rock that like its goin out… nah wait wait… comin back IN style.

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      Ich habe naturlich nicht gesehen :D:D:D Ich freue mich total, das ich die Jahres Abo gemacht habe, dererste Kit war super und diese ist auch traumhaft schön. Danke fürs zeigen :*LG Ana

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      Vince is back! And may I say, another excellent review with wisdom and grace that only a tiger/cat can bring. Maybe Vince should start a social media campaing banning “Snookums” from pet name nomenclature…

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      This sounds like a wise mother dealing with teenage children. Pick your battles well. Let the rest run the course, you will come out ahead.

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      Wholeheartedly agree with all these comments…. long putters are an anomaly – from the perspective of courses being made longer, many of these lengthened holes are disfigured the tees being a real hike back from the last green, which slows up play, and the perspectives off the tee are changed from what the original designer had intended.We need to mobilise support for the good of the game – unfortunately the majority of corporate America wants guys only to be playing in golf carts and their firms producing clubs built like military hardware.Keep it up Gary the most topical guy in golf….

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      of the words written here – I am totally so agreed!Hmm, I wonder how this ‘Record Label’ feels now when they see the figures of album sale JYJ has achieved in less than a month! And i honestly think JYJ would never want to spend their time in trying to win over antis / non-fans where they already know that the back-bone of their success and pillars of their strength are the present fans…i.e. us! I for one, just want to enjoy their music for a very long time

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      Qu’est-ce que c’est que cette progression : budgétaire, banquaire, sociale (!), politique.Comment celui qui jouait l’attaque contre la finance pendant sa campagne peut-il accorder un tel pouvoir à la banque. Et ce Monsieur se dit socialiste !!!En fait, il fallait éviter tout débat avant le vote du Traité ? C’est fait, maintenant on peut parler pour ne rien dire puisque cela ne sert plus à rien de dire.rudolf bkouche

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      Good article, per usual. But I too think the motivation of the silencers isn't an urge for peace and conciliation but a desire to censor the domestic opposition and control public speech. Islamism is an opportunity for power. If the terrorists were extremist Christians or Jews, they'd be silencing the conciliators. So please don't excuse them so easily by assuming they're well-intentioned. A few deluded souls, maybe, like liberal Christians, but not the rest.

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      May 27, 2010 “But why, in any case, do we so readily accept the idea that the one thing you must do if you want to please God is believe in him? What’s so special about believing? Isn’t it just as likely that God would reward kindness, or generosity, or humility? Or sincerity?”If that is what you were looking for, see , pg 104.

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      A fast-food clarification needed: the island does have a Dairy Queen (you probably don’t get to Edgartown often . . .).And, in this vein of thought it seems appropriate to mention Apple — a corporate giant who is rapidly working its way up my “love to hate” list.

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      Thanks for the compliments and comment, Mary! I love seeing new faces here :)And Marcia, I love the way you word that! Trying on another place, time or persona – what a wonderful way to think of it :) Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

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      While I don’t have gluten allergies (at least, not according to any tests), I have a horrid shellfish allergy. I admit it; I have looked at a nice plate of shrimp or oysters and thought, “Hmmm – it *might* be worth the vomiting, diarrhea, hives, and potential death!” ;-) Thus, it’s easy for me to sympathize with people who really SHOULD be entirely gluten-free but sometimes can’t help sneaking something with gluten even when they know it’s going to hurt them: i.e. “mostly gluten-free.”

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      To Isla,It was fun calling you, are you on skype then i could see you. We had one pack of sweets for Halloween as they don’t have it here. They have other festivals. You can buy fireworks for 5p, they are very loud. I have been doing dancing with my friends here we are going to do a show for the festival.love from Louise XXXXX

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      Oh dear – the younger generation…Have I and my contemporaries all lived in vain?(Never mind, Saturday’ll soon be here…We’ve got Man City away – who’ve your lot got?)

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      Jamilly Nascimento comentou em 7 de dezembro de 2009 às 15:24. Oláá :D(sobre a make azul que eu pedi pra voce)Meus olhos sao castanhos, e so Branquinha..e cabelo meio loiro…Muiiiiiito Obrigada :D

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      hey coole seite aufgezogen… is cool!!! fü erfolg heid bei da soli party. möge viel spass und spenden herrschen über antidemokratischen freiheitsentzug und schikanierung… all the best from vienna

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      Uhm… hope everything is fine now!Here in Italy going to the ER means waiting for ages… whatever you got.These photos are wonderful! Milan is white as well today, but nature is so far away from here…

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      I think this guy HearnLantzSunderland is that Clipper fan that was poking his head around yesterday rubbing our faces in our misery over the Laker’s three performances prior to yesterday’s CRUSHING DEFEAT OF THE CLIPPERS. Hehehe. I had to do it.

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      It's amazing what a little positive feedback can do for my writing! A short conversation about a current project that leaves me feeling encouraged does wonderful things for my motivation – and word count :)

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      “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell someone!

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      I’m late, but I’m here! I have from now until about 3:30, and I’m going to make the most of it.I’m working on my fantasy anthology…the backstories for my characters from my The Rogues of Redwick fantasy books I’ll be writing. The first story is about Ronen, a Seraph.At the moment, I’m drinking water, and that’s it. If I reach my goal of 5K by 3:30, I plan to make myself a decaf double cappuccino with a dash of cinnamon and cardamom. Good luck, everyone!LoisLois recently posted..

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      i've really been getting into air-drying my hair during these hot days :) I use two clips and put it into two bunches – cute for the daytime and when you let them down in the evening your hair is lovely and voluminous and not uneven like it sometimes is when you put it in a single bun!xxx

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      – Never had pumpkin tart before…I’m very curious how it taste like I think it would taste like sweet potato which i like very much. Your pie sure look delicious.

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      / I read this and immediately empathized with you…I just moved, too…the job I left was very social and I had a ton of friends, so it’s been difficult. One thing is that my “kid” is a little older than your kids, she’s 23 – she lives in the city I moved from and I miss her like crazy! I understand the candy, too…the other night I had a large order of fries and a shake.Thinking good thoughts for you on your “new home” adventures!Monica

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      Beautiful pics! Love action shots…these guys are so alive and passionate about their music and Victoria has really captured it beautifully. They give it all they have and leave it all on stage. I’m pretty sure non of them are brats who would ever throw tantrums Maybe other rock bands who wreck hotel rooms would…but not these guys.

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      Clot,spoke to some one over the weekend who is on timmy’s side of the game. I am now convinced that there is a fairly high probability we see a bank holiday this fall/winter.But what do i know, i am just a janitor. off to mop the boys room :)

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      factcheck is just a typical Soetoro tool, lie and attack the accuser. These people are disgrace to our nation and need to brought up on forgery charges just like Barry himself. We have a nation of political cowards who know but ignore the truth for personal gain. Who do they think they are? Even foxnews and SCOTUS have cowardly crumbled and joined the kiss Barry's butt gang. Their time is limited, let them enjoy their slithered time out in the sun for election day is coming and they will be sorry.

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      Yo Val!Liking the site – no review/pic/vid of your recent Leeds gig???anyways …… could you set up a feed for your site so I can get notified when you update it? That’d be cool All the bestDIL23

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