People: Lamar Maynard S. Ragadio

People: Lamar Maynard S. Ragadio

May 22, 2010 Neil


While browsing through different links posted on FaceBook, I stumbled upon a nasty account: Landfamous. It’s a sort of a fan-page dedicated to some Lamar Maynard S. Ragadio. It features a lot of pictures of Lamar with pretty girls and some public figures (Yasmien Kurdy, Binay and even President GMA). It may be funny to some but I hated the comments, a personal attack on Lamar.

I have no idea who made this page. It would have been fine but it’s open for public to ridicule. If it’s Lamar, sad. If it’s other people, very sad.

Update: Base on the comments provided, it would seem that Lamar made the FB page himself. Now, that’s really degrading. Lamar, if you’re reading this contact me. Let’s set an interview.

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  2. Lamar Ragadio

    thanks sa pag post nyo ng name ko..

    sana po madagdagan pa ng info about sakin. thanks.

    God is the Greatest!
    -Lamar Ragadio. (landfamous)

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      Magda, no tienes porqué confundirte, al final del post sale exactamente quién subió lo escrito, no se si no lo ves bien, pero todas tenemos una firma especial diseñada para cada una de nosotras y aparte hasta abajito, sale también el nombre de la diseñadora que escribió el post, en este caso, te lo copio y te lo pego, dice así: Publicado por Gaby en 22:12 8 comentarios .. igual y es tu compu??? besos y gracias a todas por sus lindos comentarios!!!!!

    6. http://www./

      Which would you pick?Comments ratings = bad idea Spam filter = good idea I am giving the benefit of the doubt to YT that the comments are just haywire right now because of the super-duper extra-special 'upgrade'….so please hurry up and fix it so I can quit saying 'oh don't worry they'll get it fixed' !!

  3. landfamous lamar

    pls add my fanpage on facebook. thanks.

    pls click the link below.

  4. The Devil

    to kartonista: he is being bashed because of his disrespect towards women

  5. Mr. Lowly

    Sir, sorry po, pero si Lamar Ragadio po ay nangbabastos ng mga babae. If you want proofs, check one of his albums (sa fan-page kuno or sa acct niya sa FB). Ewan ko kung pinagtritripan siya, pero wasak siya eh.

  6. kartonista

    Woi. Thank you sa information. So siya pala talaga ang may gawa ng FB account na yun? I thought some identity theft used Lamar’s name and started posting those crazy pictures.

    This is sad. Really sad.

  7. lez

    yes. he made that fan page na 90% of his “fans” are HATERS.. You should see his pictures with young girls na minora pa yata pero kung bastusin nya.. grabe. nakakaawa ung mga girls..

  8. Earl

    kawawa ung hazel ~ proud na ipakita ni lahar landcrater sa madla ung mga pics na private dapat ~kissing scene at ung kita panty..

  9. lez


  10. WildThing

    The people are being misled by the haters of Lamar Ragadio aka landfamous. It is true that pictures of her “ex” girlfriend are published in his fanpage but you cannot justfiably say that those were “private” pics since some were shot by the ex-girlfriend herself and some even shot in public. People are outraged by one picture that shows a piece of the ex-girlfriend’s undies and some with the captions “motel mode” and “horny relationship.” An adult would take it as nothing serious but a lot of childish facebook users are making a big deal out of it. Some are using the “ex-girlfriend cause” just to hit on landfamous. While some facebook users simply hate landfamous’ face. Lets us not forget that it is his fanpage where he can post even his private pictures whether we like it or not. Ofcourse that is subject to the rights of the other subjects which, in this case, is his ex-girlfriend hazel but as far as I know she hasn’t spoken against the pictures yet so isn’t it better to assume that everything is ok rather than assume that Hazel is a victim and start hating Lamar and posting uncivilized comments about him?

    So before you hate Lamar and start posting discriminatory comments you should know that:

    1. If their relationship isn’t severed yet and everything is ok with the ex-girlfriend, is there any point left to hate? I know they are no longer together but no one knows whether Hazel is against it or not. Most people don’t know a thing but they are biased because of his looks and because despite of his looks he has lots of pictures with hot girls and celebrities.

    2. The reason why there is no “unlike” button is because it is for fans only. Haters should get a life and stay away.

  11. landfamous lamar

    thanks sa lahat ng nag comments.

    heres my fanpage:!/pages/landfamous/109336425771553?v=info&ref=sgm

    N.A.S.L: Lamar ‘landfamous’ Ragadio, 22, male, Antipolo.

    my relatives, friends, fans, gf says: im ‘landfamous’.

    my critics, haters, enemies says: im ‘boy gayuma’.

    thanks for your all support in my official fanpage.

    landfamous (YM) (new acct) (no longer acct)

    keep in touch…
    touch me…

    God is the Greatest!
    -Lamar Ragadio.

  12. Lamar Maynard Ragadio

    salamat po sa compliments nyo.

    God is the Greatest!

  13. yzhae

    uhm.. i know lamar…mabaet naman po sya…
    and lakas tlaga loob nya when it comes to taking pics of a well known persona.. o di ba? hehe
    but ung iba n pics nya w/ his ex’s na inde likeable…hmmm..
    maybe he’s just showing na khit his not that good looking.. eh meron at madami sya naging chika babes..:))

  14. notee

    it all started in friendster. as i can see it he is just a typical fanboy, proud that somehow he has pictures with celebrities, models, and politicians. From his “about me”, it so happened that a baby name book stated “landfamous” as a meaning for “Lamar”. For whatever it means he used that “landfamous” as his fanpage identity. there he posted public figures and models as his primary pictures while pictures of friends and other models and ‘artista’ are in separate public folders/albums. He has a private folder “hazel’ not accessible to anybody. From my snooping, I’ve learned that there was a time, long time ago, he committed a blunder because of jealousy[not Hazel], but which he corrected in a day that prevented further damage. It was all sheer fun without any malicious intent on anybody. he has more than 8000 fans out of fun. He had been so into friendster until his fanpage was suspended for whatever reason he was not able to find out. He said there was no email from friendster to explain his suspension. Anybody who knows why or has an idea, LF welcomes you tell him the reason/s. all he could think of was that his profile might had been hacked. He noticed though that after friendster’s suspension, his name and moniker is already searchable through Yahoo, when before only Google & MSN have him searchable.

    It had been a while when now and then he would get remarks, in person/live, that he is seen at fb’s T– Y– or in pictures showing him kissing a girl. The latter surprised him though ‘coz he has no idea who would upload it, and should that had come from friendster then his account must had really been hacked for that uploader to get a picture from his private folder. Yes WildThing people are being misled by the haters’ postings/comments. I hope I have your kind of analysis[if its not careful nor intelligent it couldn’t be an analysis]. You have pointed out the source of outrage, but he is not personally responsible in posting/publishing it as his copy of it is in his private folder in friendster. So it is not just a justification but a fact that those pics with hazel are private. There might had been instances that he posted private moments but with no objection from the girl/s. And obviously the nasty captions are not from him. I am not sure tho’ that the stolen/grabbed pictures with added captions have anything to do with Hazel having a bit/[featured/starlet?] role in an independent film in ’06. LF is as much as a victim as the girl is. Mr. Lowly, Earl take note.

    When LF had his fanpage at fb, T — Y- – had already more than 100k of fans. Most of them are clueless of Landfamou’s legitimate and pure fun 8000 fan-strong friendster fanpage. When T — Y- – was suspended they hounded LF in his own fanpage. LF’s haters are actually followers and sugo ng T — Y- – . LF fan page have public figures’ pictures or with models that have swell time having pictures with him; ALL of them taken from his personal camera- not grabbed, stolen, hacked, edited pictures. Wala syang fixation. The Devil, Mr. Lowly , Iez & Earl pano sila nabastos. If you look at it, diba facebook’s T — Y- – ang nang bastos – taking someother people’s pictures, bababuyin at saka i-po-post. Anyway yung T — Y- – and haters lang naman ang talagang naapektuhan: They only project who they really are!

    Ego at inggit lang naman ang ugat nyan. Lahat naman may karapatan, karapatan nila yon to express and show who they really are. Kay LF life goes on, sad tho’ pero hindi para magpakaapekto, at least nakatulong sya na mapasiya , haters man sila- galit man sila, enjoy sila sa pagpost at pagpakalat na nega nila. Sa mga legitimately concerned kay Hazel, we must understand where they’re coming from, with only the net picture and so little background on the issue, normal lang ang first reaction nila. Yzhae, conclusion from the pictures na maraming chikababes si LF. Tho’ marami ngang models, di sya namimili, see the celebrities, di naman puro girls lang diba.

  15. lisette mangahas

    tanungin kita notee alam mo ba ung dating naka sulat sa photo album ni BG?

    ung thanks sa horny experience and she’s good in bed?

    kung gusto mong mabasa ulit post ko sa page nya

  16. kartonista

    @notee: Thank you for that very detailed take on this issue. And all you said makes a lot of sense. I hope to hear from Lamar, the real one, soon.

    In whatever angle I look at it, that FB page makes me sad. I’ve been flagging and reporting comments now and then.

  17. lisette mangahas

    di ba kabastos bastos un sa pagkatao ni hazel..
    ex-gf man nya un eh minor un

    prang ang trato ni bg ay bayarang babae lang si hazel… blurry ba utak mo? or bayad kalang ni bg pra magcomment?

  18. Kitamona

    as far as i know, yung mga pictures kung titingnan nio ay HINDI STOLEN SHOTS! … meaning every picture ay WITH CONSENT … so anung problema ???

    dun sa kaso naman ng menor de edad na babae … anu naman SCANDALOUS dun eh … VIDEO ba yun na SCANDAL katulad ng mga napanood nio na iba ibang SCANDAL na indi ko na dapat pang i-detalye …

    nakausap ko mismo si Landfamous, ayon sa kanya, ang picture ng menor de edad na supposed to be na EX-GF nia na tinatawag niong menor de edad ay may CONSENT ang pagpupublish at pagpopost nia sa Internet ng mga pictures nila … and to note na may consent din ang magulang na SUPPOSED TO BE ay NAGCONSENT din sa pagiging MAG-GIRLFRIEND ni LANDFAMOUS at sa kanyang MENOR DE EDAD na GF

    so anung problema??? itanong nga natin ulit sa mga sarili natin …

    at saka kung may problema at may ginawa siyang mali legally … ang unang unang pupunta sa korte ay ang mga magulang ng bata … na kung tutuusin hanggang ngayon ay KA-TEXTMATE ni LANDFAMOUS ang buong ANGKAN … at in touch pa rin silang lahat dahil nga may pinagsamahan silang lahat

    so anung problema?

    indi kaya yung nagsasabing may problema … eh sila ang may problema?

  19. yzhae

    tama si notee at kitamona..
    ala nmn dpt tlaga prob dun eh..
    share lng ni lamar mga pics nya..
    at saka inde nmn tlaga natin alam story behind mga pics ng ibang girls n sa tingin ng iba na mahalay n.. inde nga nmn stolen shots un..:)
    yah…kita ko nga fan page ni lamar… puro nega ung comments dun… below d belt n para kay lamar…
    uhm…i think sa mga haters lalo nakilala si lamar at fan page

  20. rawr


  21. rawr


  22. pepito

    idol panu gumawa ng funs club ??? :))

  23. landfamous. (Lamar Ragadio)


    totoo po ang mga comments nila ‘notee’ at ‘kitamona’ about sakin.

    dahil kilala nila kung ‘ano’ at ‘sino’ ako…

    Kartonista, salamat po sa inyo.

    i hope na ma interview nyo ako para makita at makilala sa personal.

    God is the Greatest!
    -landfamous. (Lamar Ragadio)

    this is my official facebook fanpage: pls click the link below. thanks.

  24. pepito

    IDOL sori s mga nsv q sau nung mga nakaraan araw ….

  25. Kanon

    Ah, whatever :P
    Basta, kung anu nabasa ko na MISMONG MGA PINOST na rin nya, un na ung impression ko sa kanya.
    At, take note sa kakapalan ng pagmumuka nya no :D

  26. landfamous. (Lamar Ragadio)

    God is the Greatest!
    -Lamar Ragadio.


  27. Kanon

    Napaka hipokrito mo talaga, God is the greatest ka jan, bastos ka naman?

  28. no2pedos

    yzhae, notee at kitamona: i would give the benefit of the doubt to lamar that all pics taken and published are with consent from his ex-gf. but i don’t think anyone with a clear mind and enough self-respect would give permission to have picture captions like “motel mode”,”horny experience” or “good in bed” be posted in a very public place.
    come on people. matino ba yon??? baka nman kasi mga gawain nyo rin kya ok lng sa inyo. i can’t believe you side with this pedo. sheesh…

  29. zer0

    pasali ..

    idol ko si lamar dahil nga sa dami ng photos nia kxma ung mga kilalang tao d2 sa pilipinas ..

    kaxo mdaming insecure dun db ?
    kya ang daming nanglalait …

    pero ung sinasabi niu po na hndi stolen shot ,
    tma un ..

    kxo tngin ko kya pumayag ung kukuhaan ng picture kxe lam niang di mkklbas un sa iba ..

    2lad nga nung kita ung pang ibaba nung babae ..
    tyka ung nag kikis cla ..

    isa pa ung nkalagay na good in bed ??

    kabastusan un dba ?

    un kxe ung isa pang naging point pra mdming mglet kay lamar ..

    aun lang .. pra sakin mali din tlga un ..

  30. no2pedos

    @lamar: wag ka muna magpasalamat dahil di ka sure if Kartonista would side w/ you after all of these..assuming ka naman masyado..LOL

    God is the greatest!

  31. zer0

    kahit sinong tanungin nio mali tlga si lamar sa pag sulat ng mga kabastusan about dun sa ex nia .. pati ung mga picture na dpat ay di na nia nilalabas sa publiko ..

  32. Toink

    I think Lamar posted those pictures because he was just proud to show everybody his pictures with the celebrities as well as his ex gf. It’s like a hobby for him to take pictures with celebrities. No any other hidden intention. His looks became offensive to some that they stripped him the right to be with anybody good looking as if it’s impossible for them to happen. I think we are all baffled as to why Lamar had an ex gf as pretty as hazel and some hated that fact and bashed lamar for it.

    His enthusiasm to show more his (real) friends his work intensifies more anger from his haters because they view it as arrogance of Lamar. Those were just my take on this matter.
    For me, I don’t know. To each his own. Trip niya yan e di fine. Siguro naman ayaw din nating pakialaman ang trip natin. At first my reacton was wow, lakas ng loob niya but then again at least di ba malakas loob niya. Siguro we pour out our frustrations to ourselves at him because we don’t have enough courage to do what he does.

    I’m just sayin….

  33. anti-bg

    haha, dinedepensa niu si boy gayuma eh! eh na-save ko ung ebidensiya na masama ugali nian haha! nasa profile ko pa nga ung pic nung may horny something eh xD

  34. Bukol

    Toink!!! swak na swak ah. Psychology ka ba ? ako ndi tulad ni Marian. naBukol ako ah. tubuan kya ng utak un bukol para gumaling. No hidden intention at baffled- hevi. bka NO HIDDEN INTENTIONS at NO ARROGANCE ang feeling nun mga nakapic ni Landfamous kya enjoy sila. baffled o ndi, bka lesson yon na dapat di tyo arrogante. Un arrogance na bka napifeel ng haters ay no arrogance naman ang dating sa mga nakapic nya. muka ngang nagkakalat sya ng ngiti at kasiyahan. Sabi nga nino ba ‘yon “..what is essential cannot be seen by the eyes” o “..look beyond…what hearts can see..?

    peAce to all

    Frustration ay irritation sbi ni Dict- kya pla cla irritated kay landfamous.

    @Notte: Envy ay Grudge, ill will, o hostility daw.

    pag di ka naiinggit o naiinsecure 0 frustrated bkt magagalit?

    un mga nagriridicule kay lamar, sarili nila ang dinidegrade nila, diba kartonista? dahil kun ano daw ang lumulabas sayo, sa bibig o isisp yun ka o yun and nakakarumi sa’yo -KingJames ba ‘yon…cno ba si KingJames…ssshhhh

    dami naman roots of evil.

    love, love, love sbi nga ni..

  35. SweetPsyche

    people kc have not seen yung dating album nyang si lamar with hazel… the captions were so offensive… I really dont mind bout those pictures.. siguro pinapakita nya lang na kahit ganung hitsura eh makakahanap sya ng girl na may hitsura.. sana gumawa si lamar aka boy Gayuma ng way to clarify lahat eh kaso lang sinasakyan nya rin kasi mga kalokohang comments ng iba kaya puro panlalait at insulto ang natanggap nya..

  36. Toink

    I agree with you sweetpsyche..i admit i missed that part regarding the captions..but as i’ve read it wasn’t Lamar who wrote it but then again why doesn’t he say anything about it?hmmm..enjoying being “famous” maybe? well, for me still okay but if the girl involved starts to complain i guess that’s another story and Lamar might go downhill faster than he could say sorry..

    @bukol di po ako psychology..hehehe..simple deductions lang at observations sa mga actions ni Lamar sa nangyayari..he has to explain those offensive captions though..i think those things should be private but then again it’s his life he’s burying here..i hope he can handle it..

  37. JCSuperstar

    Parang modern Jesus Christ lang yan eh.. pinaratangan. pinaniwalaan ng masa ang paratang at ipinapako. pinarusahan.

  38. Bernabe Cojuanco

    Tangina ka talaga gayuma boy! alam mo kahit saan ka pang website magpunta lilibakin ka parin ng mga tao! dahil ang sama ng ugali mong hudas ka! shit ka! mother-fucker! at lalo akong nabubwisit sayo pag binabanggit mo si God! kapal ng muka mo! gago ka araw araw!

  39. lisette mangahas

    kahit anong pagtanggol nyo ok lang naman yan tao din naman si lamar kahit wala sa muka

    basta nakasave ang mga ebidensya ..may print screen ung album qoutes nya

  40. lisette mangahas

    di lang kasi nila nabasa ung previous qoutes na offensive para sa kahit sinong babae kaya todo tanggol sila kay bg .
    naiintindihan din namin kayo

  41. Rochel OPolinto


  42. Rochel Opolinto



  43. zer0

    ang point kasi d2 ay ung ex gf niyang kita na ung panty e nilagay padin niya sa fb .. ung kissing scene .. at ung pinakamalala e ung kabastusan na sinabi niya .. “GOOD IN BED” ?? etc.

    ung mga nagtatanggol sa kanya ! tngin nio tama yon ??

    mga BOBO ba kayo ??

  44. sasuke

    Relax lang po kayo. Although meron akong napapansin sa lahat ng pictures nya na meron sa ugali nya. Di naman basehan yun para husgahan agad yan tao na yan. Well, yung mga haters nya na sinasabihan sya na “Boy Gayuma”, obvious naman na naiinggit lang yan. Anyway, I got something for you Landfamous and Kartonista. It just happened na nasubaybayan ko si landfamous at kung paano siya naging “pulutan”. First, you got suspended on friendster not because some folks send a report to friendster but someone hacked into your account. Naging biktima ka ng isang laro kung saan ang mga “players” ay naghahanap ng certain photos at nagkataon na qualified ka sa “game” na yun.

    to kartonista, I’m not here to protect or depend Mr. LandFamous. Since you want to write a good story about sa friendster account nyan. I know the whole story.. Kasi ang nagcancell ng account nyan ay ako.. Dahil sa dami ng request na nababasa ko sa net para sa protection nung girl but before I came in it was all too late.. 1 group of hacker ang naglalaro ng “game” at naunahan na ako at meron group na oposisyon ng “players”. Binura ko yung account nya para di na maexploit ng todo ng ibang hacker. Dahil ang nasisira hindi si Hazel, kundi ang mga kababaihan natin mga pinay. Sira na mga pinay natin, ayaw na namin bumaba pa ng todo ang reputasyon ng pinay natin. Sorry Mr. Landfamous, kailangan kong gawin yun for your sake at lalo na para kay Hazel.. Hindi lang ikaw ang ginawan ko ng pabor. Marami na rin. Almost all the suspended user sa friendster kami ang sumisira.. Yung mga copies na nakuha ng mga unang nakapasok ng account mo di na namin mabubura yun. pero sana LESSON na to para sa lahat.. “DITO SA INTERNET, WALANG PRIVATE DITO” Meron mga pasaway dito pero nandito kami para protektahan kayo sa lahat ng aming makakaya..

    By the way, my identity here is not true but if you guys have some questions Just post it here and I will come back to give you answers. oK? Don’t try to trace me kasi magsasayang lang kayo ng oras ok? Ingat..

  45. Aeon

    Respetuhin niyo naman. Lamar is just a typical fanboy. Wala siyang ginawa sa inyo. Nuff said.

  46. Toink

    Amen Aeon. I am not defending Lamar and his actions. I will never defend anyone I don’t even know. I am just merely voicing my opinion and observations. Kung hindi nga nagagalit yung person na involved at malay natin tuwang tuwa sila ngayon sa nangyayari, why waste time being angry and nasty when it’s their business..i understand you are speaking for everybody but what is the point when they don’t even have time to explain about their actions because they don’t care and maybe we shouldn’t’s their business simple as that..pag tayo na binastos then itali si Lamar sa puno at ipakagat sa langgam..hehehe..until then yaan na natin yan..kung may plano yan tumigil e di matagal na sana sa dami ng nanlait sa kanya di ba? kung apektado ka wag mo na lang tingnan..we cannot control his actions, we can only control our own..

  47. Lamar Ragadio. (landfamous)

    thanks po sa lahat ng nag comments, good or bad, it’s a publicity… jejeje…

    God is the Greatest!
    -Lamar Ragadio. (landfamous)

  48. Toink

    pahabol lang..try niyong wag ng pansinin ang page niya at baka pag wala ng fans ang page niya itigil niya na rin ang pagpost ng pics na hindi maganda sa mata ng karamihan dahil wala ng nanonood..ako inunlike ko na page niya..nakakasira ng araw magbasa ng negative words..maybe we are giving him exactly what he wants..too much

  49. Steve

    Respetuhin niyo naman. Lamar is just a typical fanboy. Wala siyang ginawa sa inyo. Nuff said.

  50. Mark Vice

    I love it!

  51. Lamar Ragadio

    hi. to all my fans. this is landfamous facebook official fansite.
    pls. click the link below:

    sana i-add nyo at im sure m22wa keo sken… j3j3j3…

    God is the Greatest!
    -Lamar Ragadio.

  52. detectiveConan

    If we come to our senses, we will notice that the one who is making the fanpage for ‘Lamar Ragadio’ Boy Gayuma is not really Lamar Ragadio himself. The one who is creating those accounts ay may insecurities against the true Lamar Ragadio.
    We are hoping that you could get an interview with the true Lamar Ragadio, while some of my friends are looking for the person/persons who are the author of accounts of Lamar Ragadio.

  53. Lamar Ragadio

    hi to all: heres my new official fanpage:

    tnx n God bless.

  54. One Year of Blogging | Kartonista

    […] People: Lamar Maynard S. Ragadio, this is a controversial post about this internet/social networking website celebrity Lamar Maynard Ragadio. I even received an email from Lamar for an interview. […]

  55. Lamar Ragadio. (landfamous)

    hi kartonista? yes. pwde nyo po aq magpainterview.
    heres my number. pm me. pakilala po kayo. tnx po.
    -Lamar Ragadio.
    0909-463-2318 (smart) (my official fanpage)


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