My 10 Favorite One Piece Wallpapers

I stopped reading/watching One Piece a couple of months ago due to boredom. Well, not really…the plot just seemed too overwhelming when your reading other manga series (Gamaran, Gantz, Naruto, Bakuman, Fairy Tail and HunterXHunter). One day, I’ll catch up. Stop with the blabbers already…here are 10 of my favorite/recommended One Piece wallpapers. 1. 10-1 […]



Who is Uchiha Shisui? After years of reading, I can barely recall the name Uchiha Shisui. From what I recall, he’s among the most powerful Sharingan users and Itachi’s best friend. Chapter 550 shed some light on the shadowy shinobi that is Shisui. According to Bee, Shisui of the Shunshin (Shisui of the Body Flicker) is […]

Where are the original manga arts?

Comic arts are highly collectible and they’re not cheap. For instance, the original concept art of Wonder Woman by H.G. Peter dated 1941 was sold for $75,000.00 at Comic Link. The same should hold true for Japanese comics, right? Maybe, if there are manga artworks being traded. Well, there really are manga artworks listed for […]