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SSS Inquiry via SMS or Text

This post has been transferred to my other blog: How to check your SSS contribution through SMS.

Nielsen Survey: Globe Tatoo is Fastest in Pre-paid Broadband?

While browsing, ironically using the super-snail-speed Globe Tattoo, I stumbled across this report at GMA News. Let’s see how “fast” Globe is…it took 5 minutes and 42 seconds to load the news page. Anyway, I laughed when I read the first sentence of the report, “A survey commissioned by Globe Telecom in the fourth quarter […]

Port OS Template to ModX Revo

Port OS Template to ModX Revo

First, I’m no ModX Guru. I just like ModX’s power when it comes to design. This is but a crude port of OS Template to ModX Revo. There are many ways to port a single template to ModX. This is my way….