It’s summer season, come let’s play bingo

Alas, are you an ardent fan of series like Coronation Street, Game of Thrones, Pretty little Liarsand waiting for its next season? This phase will stick to you forever. Nevertheless even I havebeen waiting for the latest seasons of these series which are coming soon. I miss those serious nailbiting moments in them. Though these series will have a lot changes, some characters will bekilled or we’ll probably see introduction of some new characters. As the makers of these series aretaking their own sweet time to complete their up-coming season, all we got do is wait for it.However, have you ever thought what to do in the mean time? As we have pretty much nothing todo other than watching the repeats.

Well, thanks to the advancement of technology there are multiple ways combat boredom. Now wecan play online games such as bingo. There are hundreds of sites to play on, but it’s been a whilesince I  have joined any online bingo sites.  I  wanted to try  a  different  site  which looks morematured and sleeker. That’s when I read about this site – New Look Bingo. This site is stylishlydesigned, with fabulous color combination. If you’re a newbie like me you get a £5 free bingobonus just for joining the site. Apart from this they have a massive second and third deposit bonus.

If you’re someone who loves browsing on mobile devices, then New Look Bingo offers bingo onmobile phones as well. iOS, Windows and Android users can simply log-in from their phones andplay bingo on the go. With New Look Bingo I get to live my virtual world with fun bingo andcasino games. The prizes and promotions are just  icing on the cake there are  more attractivefeatures on the site

The weather is sunny, so it’s time to shop all those trendy cotton shirts, shorts and have a chilledlemonade or pina colada. Log-in to your favorite bingo site and why not play here with new like-minded people. Moreover, you don’t have miss out your sleep for those late night jackpots as youpre-buy the tickets and check out your bingo status later. So join New Look Bingo today and startyour virtual bingo journey today. Good Luck!

Rainy Days, Bingo and Online Bingo

Just a few days ago, I found myself stuck in a small shopping mall due to heavy rain, which subsequently put traffic to a disappointing halt. There was just no way to get back home so I decided to look around for something to do. Movies? Percy Jackson 2 and  Despicable Me 2 are screening. Uninteresting. Arcade games? Nope, I play too much video games, already. Bingo! Yes, there was a small bingo joint in the mall and I bought 3 cards, one for each round. :)

I understand the basics of the game: As explains it, “A caller calls out numbers randomly and if they appear on a player’s card, the player covers them or ‘daubs’ them. The first player to complete a pre-determined pattern on his/her card with covered numbers wins the game.” I played and lost all 3 cards. The first card was a complete bust (I marked only 6 spots); the second was worse, marked only 4 spots. The third, however, is way more exciting. I filled all but two more (B-2 and I-39).. B-something, G-something, G-something, O-something, I-something. The sixth number was called and someone shouted “BINGO!!!”. Someone beat me to it. I lost all three cards but, somehow, I enjoyed the excitement and anticipation of waiting for balls B-2 and I-39 to be called. It was just fun, really fun.

Today, I remembered how fun it was so I started looking for online bingo websites.

Back to my rainy day tale. After playing, the heavy rainfall abated into a drizzle and I managed to walk my way back home, 1 km. (The heavy traffic made commuting almost impossible.) When I got home, I checked the latest weather reports and found out that there was a storm. :|

Note to self: Make it a habit to check weather reports from time-to-time.

Nevertheless, re-discovering Bingo was extremely fun, specially now that there’s an online alternative.

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Searching for Sugar Man

Lovers of music and documentary films will surely enjoy watching the documentary Searching for Sugar Man.

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