Rainy Days, Bingo and Online Bingo

Just a few days ago, I found myself stuck in a small shopping mall due to heavy rain, which subsequently put traffic to a disappointing halt. There was just no way to get back home so I decided to look around for something to do. Movies? Percy Jackson 2 and  Despicable Me 2 are screening. Uninteresting. Arcade games? Nope, I play too much video games, already. Bingo! Yes, there was a small bingo joint in the mall and I bought 3 cards, one for each round. :)

I understand the basics of the game: note the numbers, follow the patterns, the first person to complete shouts “BINGO!!!”. I played and lost all 3 cards. The first card was a complete bust (I marked only 6 spots); the second was worse, marked only 4 spots. The third, however, is way more exciting. I filled all but two more (B-2 and I-39).. B-something, G-something, G-something, O-something, I-something. The sixth number was called and someone shouted “BINGO!!!”. Someone beat me to it. I lost all three cards but, somehow, I enjoyed the excitement and anticipation of waiting for balls B-2 and I-39 to be called. It was just fun, really fun.

Today, I remembered how fun it was so I started looking for online bingo websites. The best site I found, so far, is  bingogodz.com. Why? Because Bingo Godz add a couple of twists to the traditional mechanics. All the usuals are still there, various games, each with its own theme, prices, etc. Then there’s the God collecting, which I find really fun. Basically, as much as you play, you get to collect Godz (36 of them), each with abilities.They have an iOS and Android app so you can play directly on your smartphone. The site also offer other games that I have yet to try.


Back to my rainy day tale. After playing, the heavy rainfall abated into a drizzle and I managed to walk my way back home, 1 km. (The heavy traffic made commuting almost impossible.) When I got home, I checked the latest weather reports and found out that there was a storm. :|

Note to self: Make it a habit to check weather reports from time-to-time.

Nevertheless, re-discovering Bingo was extremely fun, specially now that there’s an online alternative.

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Searching for Sugar Man

Lovers of music and documentary films will surely enjoy watching the documentary Searching for Sugar Man.

Check out the trailer.

A late welcome to 2013

Eight days in and I still can’t get around the fact that it’s already 2013! This is my first post of the year and it will add a new line of my yearly archive, located on the left side of the banner.

Here are some of the things I’m excited about 2013.

Ubuntu for phones – I’ve been using Ubuntu for a couple of years now. The desktop I’m currently using is a dual-boot (Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7). Win7 because I need to play Civilization V, World of Tanks and Dragon Nest.

When I first saw the promotional video of this new Smartphone OS, I got really excited. A few months back, there was some talk about NexPhone and it looks like this new OS is the first step.

We’ll just have wait and see.

Ragnarok 2: Legend of the Second – Oh, Ragnarok. You were the reason why I failed calculus in college and now you’re back! What part of me will I abandon this year just to serve you? Nah!

Ragnarok Online II

More Work – 2012 has been a banner year here in the office. We’ve completed the first, and most important, step to enter the casual gaming industry with our flagship project Playnook. We just started working on some major developments for future expansion of casual gaming reach.

Meanwhile, as a side project, I continue to work on the revitalization of our old website Antik Time.

Personal….Nah. You can check out my other blog (neilyamit.com) for personal stuff.